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Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Music

In my push to highlight actual musical talent rather than the junk being pushed today, here's a couple more videos of people with more musical talent in their left nostril than the collective R&B scene put together.

I got to see Lionel Hampton play live when I was in high school.  The University of Idaho has the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival every year, and we made there twice.  The highlight of the festival is the concert at the end, where jazz greats get on stage and just play their heart out.  I don't quite know how old Hampton was at the time, but he still had it.  He would just stand up there and play, and we would all go nuts.  I can say that I've seen one of the true greats play jazz live.

So on that note, here's a clip of "Jam Session"

And here's the same song from yesterday - Airmail Special.


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Windy Wilson said...

My mother, who was trained as a singer in pre WW2 St. Louis, and sang light opera until she relocated to Los Angeles and a home maker career after WW2 would uniformly complain about the entertainers in rock n roll in the 60's and we being ignorant children would disagree with her.

Until I got to be an adult and developed an ear for musical performances.

Thanks for the musical posts.