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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bloggus Interuptus part oh hell who knows

Only this time, it's not for the military! I have a buddy who's getting hitched, and I'm going to his wedding. The Ragin' Mrs. will be staying back, so I've given her carte blanche to rip the guts out of my computer while I'm gone. Since the Windows Vista virus has once again reduced my computer to little shards of what it used to be, she'll be doing a full re-format and reload on it.

I hate Vista.

So anyways, while the Mrs. might be posting a bit, I will not be until next week. But that's why I have the blogroll, right?

As an aside, if there's any folks who used to post here, who would still like the ability to do so, speak up in the comments. I'm about to go through all the people who have permissions and start deleting anyone who hasn't posted in a while.

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