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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Great minds think alike

My take.

Gonzo's take.

We had a principled conservative on the last ticket and you RINO, effete, chardonnay sipping, country-club Rockefeller Republicans did your damndest to sneer all over her. She didn’t go to a fine enough school for you. You didn’t like her accent. She gave her kids “funny” names. She hunted. She got her hands dirty. She didn’t have servants, or send her kids to some boarding school, she shopped at Wal-Mart, prayed, and was pro-life - she was just “Not our kind of people” enough for you.

Guess what, dickbrain? Sarah Palin is ME. I don’t have an Ivy League degree, I have a hilljack accent, my kids are named after historical figures, I hunt, work with my hands, wouldn’t have a servant to save my life, raised my kids, worked hard to send them to Catholic school, shop at Wal-Mart, go to a “fundamentalist” Catholic church (Latin Mass), and am also pro-life. So all your looking down your nose at her, is looking down your booger-laden snoot at me, you Ivy-League turd. So if she is too rustic for you to vote for - Well, I’m too rustic to give you my vote too.

Got that, mother fuckers? Do you make the fucking connection yet? Is there a light starting to come on in that latte-addled skull of yours yet?

Is there any motherfucking doubt - after me and mine stayed home in droves in 2006 and 2008 after giving an unpopular president the biggest vote total to that date in 2004 to return him to office - that we mean exactly what the fuck we say? Are we clear as a fucking bell?

Hell, I'll jump on that bandwagon - Sarah Palin is ME. I don't have an Ivy League education, I work with my hands, I build crap, I drive a beat up truck, and I earn each and every paycheck I get. I can schmooze with the upper-crust at a party if I have to do so, but I'd much rather crack a beer and play some Texas Hold-em with the guys. I shop at where ever I can find what I want that's made somewhere other than China. I go to church as often as I can, given my work schedule. I hunt. I'm pro-life, and no, I don't think that conflicts with hunting at all, because I know that there is a huge difference between an animal and a human child.

I am the conservative base that the Republican Stupid Party has been shitting on for the past decade, and quite honestly, I'm sick of it. If the GOP can't figure out that appealing to a bunch of pansy-assed, Beltway social-club, liberal RINO's will not win any elections for them, then they deserve to die off. They've obviously forgotten who their voters actually are. I'll say it again: Most of the wounds the GOP has taken have been self inflicted.

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