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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Civilization, dying

I found this link at The Smallest Minority, and I'm quite honestly shaking my head in disgust.

Fire extinguishers could be removed from communal areas in flats throughout the country because they are a safety hazard, it has emerged.

The life-saving devices encourage untrained people to fight a fire rather than leave the building, risk assessors in Bournemouth decided.

There are fears that their recommendation, which has seen the extinguishers ripped out of several private, high-rise flats in the town, could set a national precedent.

Under the Fire Safety Order of 2005, fire assessments must be carried out to 'eliminate or reduce risk as is reasonably practical'.

Ladies and Gents, there are no free English citizens any more. They've been phased out. Britain has turned it's citizens into slaves, who are obviously unable to help themselves in any way. What's next? Mandating that only "experts" wipe people's asses after their morning constitutional? Only "experts" wield napkins at the dinner table for fear of someone poking their eye out with them?

The fact that Britons haven't risen up and lynched the stupid bastards responsible for this crap makes me dispair.

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