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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Obama-bots

There's a forum I post on every now and then. I had posted about Obama's campaign finance fraud, and I got this email from someone who shall remain nameless. And I'm not correcting her spelling at all.

David, get a life, if you can not state facts, why spread lies, No Honor;you fit perfectly in the other camp

So naturally I wrote her back -
Prove me wrong, then.
Well, that didn't go over too well with this woman, and she came back with this:
It's not my job or place to prove you wrong, it's' your job research and learn the facts, if what you say is true, he would not be in the position he is in now. Or maybe you want to chase Bin Laden to the gates of hell, but being a military dependents and spouse you will be in my prayers
Well, I couldn't let that sit, so I replied to her -
With all due respect, I've done my research on Senator Obama. YOU are the one emailing me and calling me a liar. I'm guessing that you did a little digging in order to write me back a snarky email, found out that you can't disprove a single thing I've said, and so you are left with "Do your own research" as a retort. Trust me, I've done my research. Both candidates make me gag. But Obama, with Democrats in charge of Congress, would be disastrous for this country. We can do damage control on McCain's presidency. An Obama presidency would sink this country faster than the Titanic.

His relationships with ACORN, William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, his membership in the socialist New Party in the 90's, his leadership of the Joyce Foundation, even the fact that he's spent more time campaigning to be President than he has doing his actual job, all show that he's not right for this country. Let him continue to represent Chicago. But not my country.
And that brought forth the spittle-flecked rant that's common to Leftist kool-aid guzzlers.
First of all David, I never called you a liar, secondly people like you that have a one track mine would not know the truth if it came up and bit you, you still would not believe it; and third every thing you said after that are Repuk talking points, ACORN and it has been proving that someone from the McCain/Unstable hired a guy that was found guilty of voter registrationfraud, Ayers, come on giving me a break Obama was eight when that happen and the board/case that Obama sat on he was only second in command to the Justice Dept, but I guess the Christian that you are or if you are one, is not forgiving of anyone who has made mistakes in their life (must be lonely being the only perfect person on planet earth); and the Wright thing, please view the WHOLE tape not a thirty second clip from FAUX NEWS, he was actually quoting a guest that was on Faux News earlier that week. If you can do damage control to McBush presidency then you should have done it for his mentor Bush, and what about judgment, his pick of SP, have more repubs and conservatives jumping ship to support Obama than you have dems supportingMcBush. Going to McBush website and getting info is not the same as doing research, it's this thing called the WORLDWIDE WEB, try that instead; (good luck)

P.S. And if both candidates make you gag, how about going to another country, I hear Afghanistan is recruiting and he will continue to representChi-town and the other 49 states
At that point I knew I had a rabid moonbat on my hands, but I couldn't resist poking it once more.
First of all, let's look at your response. Repuk talking points? McCain/Unstable? McBush? FAUX News? I have a list of things that I reject Obama for, and you've got ad hominum attacks. Yeah, that's really going to convince me.

Second of all, let me quote from your very first email that you sent me: "David, get a life, if you can not state facts, why spread lies, No Honor;you fit perfectly in the other camp"

You accused me of spreading lies, i.e. you called me a liar. You can't even be honest about what you yourself said, and yet I'm supposed to believe you when it comes to your political candidate? Nope, sorry. That dog don't hunt.

Third - I've seen Wright's sermons. They're based off of Black Liberation Theology, which is distasteful at best and flat out anti-American at worst. And Obama sat in that church for twenty years, absorbing it. Wright married Obama and his wife. Wright baptized his children. He sat for twenty years listening to racism and hatred, yet people try to tell me that it doesn't mean anything. Wrong, it DOES mean something, and all the excuses people make only serve to show how unfit Obama is to be President.

Fourth - when William Ayers gave his interview, in which he stated that the Weathermen Underground DID NOT BOMB ENOUGH, Obama was 40 years old. Ayers is an unrepentant domestic terrorist, and has made his views clear on a number of occasions.

Fifth - I'm not a Republican, and I don't go to the McCain campaign website. Campaign websites are nothing but propaganda for the candidate in question. What I have done is research the background of the candidates, including how they voted on certain bills, how they've acted in the past, and what they've said in the past. I don't expect you to believe me. Quite honestly, I
don't even expect you to reply back, except for a few spittle-flecked insults in the same vein as your previous email. But I have done my research. McCain might disgust me, but Obama's radical Left background not only repulses me, but frightens me with the amount of damage he can and will
do to this country if he gets elected.

Feel free to hurl more insults my way when you want to.
And the last thing I heard from her was....

David, this has been real, but I got to go, have a nice life and may God be
you and your always
Rather nice parting, but it's amazing when you press a Leftist on the facts how quickly they retreat.

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