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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis

James Simpson has written an article, Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis, so link rich, so informative, so profoundly disturbing, that you will read it and re-read it over the next couple of days.

For the first time I actually believe that the consequences of an American election could be violence because of the multitude of convergent 'causes'.

1) America's national defense will be disabled for a generation through budget cuts, program eliminations and appeasement. We will stand defenseless to nuclear blackmail from nations like North Korea because we will not be allowed to defend ourselves with proven missile defense systems abandoned by the Leftists.

2) American's individual liberties will be tossed aside by the very Leftists who have worked themselves into a frenzy of self-deluded fantasies about liberties supposedly lost to the "Bush Regime", or the "Patriot Act". Years of projection will be exposed as they will mobilize to "retaliate" for these imagined slights by doing exactly that which they falsely claimed was done to them. Remember it was Al Gore and Bill Clinton who tried to put the 'V'-chip into your cell phone to make it easier to monitor your conversations.

3) America's economy will be driven into a deep recession, with spiraling prices, exploding unemployment, and at every opportunity the "solutions" legislated and implemented will only compound the problems created by exactly those solutions. Throughout the entire debacle the MainStreamMedia will cheerlead the destruction, ignore the well documented folly of the Socialist programs, and blame every failure upon the previous administration and claim that the policies were preventing far worse from befalling us all. Hey, it worked for FDR.

4) Racial preference policies implemented by a Hawaiian with a chip on his shoulder, willing to appoint the worst haters into positions of authority, sheltered from responsibility for their excess, will lead to racial divisions unseen in decades and set back race relations in this country for generations.

In a word... America is headed towards decades of devolution.

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