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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Culture of Entitlement

Go check this out. You want to know why the housing market is failing? It's not just that the government forced banks to loan money to people who shouldn't have ever been given a loan - I read this and I almost crapped myself.

It was not easy to come to terms with this, to realize I would never recover that money. But once I did come to terms with it, I felt free, in charge of my own destiny and wallet. I was ready to walk away from the house, to propose a deed in lieu, or to foreclose if needed. [....]

After all, the bank loaned me $450,000 - and will end up making $600,000 on the deal, from my down payment, a year-plus of on-time mortgage payments, and the home sale for $405,000. But I will still be penalized. Make sense to you? Me neither. But oh f****ng well. The system is broken, and no one but Barney Frank seems to give a s**t about people like me.

Oh my god. Just..... holy crap. What a self-absorbed, ignorant,. stupid, idiotic, unprofessional, irresponsible bitch! Hey dipshit - You're going to pay $600,000 in the end because YOU ARE NOT USING YOUR MONEY TO BUY THE HOUSE! YOU'RE USING THE BANK'S MONEY, AND YOU DAMN SURE HAVE TO PAY TO USE SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY!

My god.... And people like her are out there breeding and voting. No wonder this country has problems.

Found at KisP.

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