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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Remember just yesterday...

When I said that the attacks, the lies, the smears would all get worse?


And yep.

Lemme slap ya with some Velociman, courtesy of Og.

I don't know. But why can't she stand or fall on her own merits, without the left resorting to filthy smears and character assassination? I am outraged at the despicable libels and slanders hurled at her by the left, to wit:

1. Her Down Syndrome child is actually her daughter's.

2. She should be home with her children instead of being on the hustings.

3. She had an affair with her husband's best friend.

Just to name the latest. Oh, and when the media realized this shit was going sour they changed the meme to McCain didn't vet her! What horseshit. She was vetted for 5 months. And it was funny to see Alan Colmes still plying that crap, because he goes on at 9 PM, and the talking points change so fast he always ends up with the stale shit. Holding fetid talking points memos from DailyKos that virtually drip with obsolescence. The rage virus moves fast, Alan.

This type of attack is tolerated by the Obama campaign, if not sourced by it. It's a goddam sin against the American body politic, to me.

I don't even think I'm from the same species as today's leftist in general, and Democrat in particular. These people will employ any lie, any slander, any dissonance to their own professed beliefs to win. There is no excuse for these slimy fucking worms to behave this way. Except to win in Engels fashion.

I think this election season will prove that Leftists have no place in the human race. They've dropped far below us.

Again, yep. Let's see.... unfounded accusations, flat out lies, all designed to damage and destroy Sarah Palin.

It's the Left at it's finest. At this point, the only tactics the Left hasn't tried is rounding up the Palins and shipping them off to a gas chamber.

But don't think they're not thinking about it.

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