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Monday, April 14, 2008

Male Castration = Good; Guns = Bad

The FemiNazis have no sense of humor:
The punchline to any joke about feminists … [Darleen Click]
A satirical response to a feminist publication at Colorado College has landed the college and two of its students in the middle of a fierce debate over freedom of speech.Chris Robinson and another student at the Colorado Springs institution decided to print “The Monthly Bag” after seeing copies of a feminist and gender studies newsletter, “The Monthly Rag,” in restrooms around campus.

The edition of “The Monthly Rag” that prompted action included an announcement for a talk on feminist pornography, information on gender-bending practices, and a tidbit about a myth involving male castration. According to Robinson, it was representative of what appears every month.

In response, Robinson and a friend created their flier, which provided tips on chainsaw etiquette, detailed a sexual position from Men’s Health magazine and provided trivia about a sniper rifle — what Robinson called information for the stereotypical macho man.Staff members removed The Bag within hours of receiving complaints that the publication was threatening.
Imagine the outrage if the parody was called "The Monthly Rag".

FemiNazis have neither a sense of humor or sense of irony.

Cassy Fiano has more:
Male Castration = Good; Guns = Bad
Academia shows how tolerant it is of opposing viewpoints (read: NOT LIBERAL) yet again, this time at Colorado College. For liberals, when you spout idiotic drivel that falls in line with liberal orthodoxy, it's OK. Anyone offended is supposed to just smile and take it. Lip service is given to "diversity" and "tolerance", but those values only go skin deep with libs. Diverse skin color and gender = good, diverse opinions = bad. And nowhere is this kind of attitude more prevalent than on college campuses.

Feminists especially love this kind of special treatment. They can say anything they want about men; they can slander them, smear them, and paint them all with a very nasty brush just for the "crime" of being men. Valentine's Day is cancelled in favor of "Victory over Violence" Day to somehow fight domestic abuse. Love between a man and a woman is bad; women must stick to the sisterhood! Consensual sex is likened to rape; flirting to sexual harassment. Man-hating has become synonymous with feminism, and the most radical of these harpies usually reside on college campuses. Men, meanwhile, are supposed to just grin and bear it. One joke about women is deemed sexual harassment and can get a male student kicked off campus. Double standard? Nope, it's just "fighting for women's rights".
The volume of mindless hate demonstrated by the FemiNazis does not make their point of view more valid but in fact far less so...

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