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Friday, July 06, 2007

Two things today

that I wanted to post about. The first is this:

In San Francisco’s effort to pay the soaring cost for retiree health benefits, it’s $500,000 down, $4.9 billion to go.

The city, like most local governments and school districts in California, has put aside no money to cover the fast-growing cost of delivering on health care coverage promised to its workers once they hit retirement age.

But in San Francisco, the financial liability hanging over the city is one of the heaviest in the state, thanks in part to the generosity of its employee health care benefits.

“As this number keeps growing … it can cripple our budget,'’ said Supervisor Sean Elsbernd, who has taken the lead on trying to address the issue in the city’s legislative body. “This will eat up all our discretionary income, the money we use for street repairs, parks and programs for the people of San Francisco.'’

I've often said that if you want to see why Liberalism is such a bad idea, just watch San Francisco. The city is so full of hard Leftism that there's absolutely no conservative principals in play, unless they simply can't be avoided. "Free" healthcare is one of those Leftist ideals that has already failed the world around, and yet Leftists of all stripe have orgasms while advocating it.

Well, here's your result. San Fran tried it. And they'll go bankrupt funding it. Congrats! Universal healthcare gives you all the efficiency of the government, combined with the compassion of the IRS. And yet the Left thinks this is a great idea!

Here's why they think it's so great: It's not about healthcare, it's about control. If the government is in control of healthcare, then the gummint gets to tell you when and where you'll get treated. Once again, it's less about the actual subject of discussion, and more about the control they want you to give up.

Link found at RNS.

The second link is to Ann Coulter's latest column, which I found at Baby Troll Blog. There's not that much venom in this one, but I guarantee that people are still going to screech at it. Much as Alger says,

Yes. As usual, what she has to say in her column -- headline and all -- is spot-on. As per standard operating procedure, the usual leftist suspects will wet the bed. And a certain segment of the dextrosphere will get their panties in a wad because -- they think -- she's not fighting according to the Marquis of Queensbury rules. Without regard for her accuracy.

Everybody always flips out when Coulter unleashes on some idiot or another. "OHMYGAWD, why is she being so MEAN! Nobody cares about her message when she's that vitriolic! Why doesn't she tone it down!"

How about because if she wasn't that focused, nobody would listen to her? You want proof? Head on over to and see just how many writers there are. You doing that? Good. Now, tell me how many of them you read on a daily basis.

I'm guessing a few at most. Maybe half a dozen regularly. And everyone who writes over at Townhall is worthy of being read. But most people don't even know who half of those people are. But they know who Ann Coulter is.

People don't like how mean Coulter can be? Lemmee tell you a secret - I love it. Why? Because she says what I wish I could say in person to every worthless assnugget who insults conservatives, the military, and the American way of life. But I can't say it. Nobody on the national stage really gives a shit about me, because I'm just another Soldier that they can ignore. But Coulter doesn't get ignored.

So people don't like her because she's MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAN! You know what? I love it. She's one of the very few people who is willing to toss all the bullshit right back in the Democrat American Communist Party's faces, and by the way they screech you know she's hit the mark.

There's been a few times that even I have wondered why she doesn't tone it down. But then I watch the feces flinging monkeys of the Left howl in outrage, working themselves into a foamy-mouthed fit, and I remember why I read her so often. If you don't like her, fine. Stop listening to her. Stop reading her. Turn the channel when she comes on the TV. But I'm still going to read her columns.

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