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Saturday, May 26, 2007

OK, once again....

Ahem. THE MEDIA IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! And, just in case anyone is wondering, the Has-Been Media is also incredibly stupid and easily fooled, so long as they can advance their political agenda. Idiot reporter gets a military "memo" that lack of supplies are creating food shortages in Iraq. Reporter makes snarky comment. Reporter updates and says a "military buddy" says the memo is fake, but that it doesn't derail his first comment.

Ummmm...... Just what the FUCK is this moron smoking?

Check out the link to the memo. It's laughable. Nobody in their right mind would have said "Oh, yeah, that's a military memo!"

Not unless they didn't give a shit about facts, the truth, and reality, preferring instead to substitute their own point of view in an effort to push an agenda. Worthless asscannon.

Found at DANEgerus.

UPDATE: Say what? Iraqslogger says the memo is real. But it's a memo from the US Embassy in Iraq, not the military.

Well, that would explain the non-military writing and letterhead.

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