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Thursday, January 18, 2007

GRRRGROWLSNARL (or, I need your opinions)

So, I mentioned a while back that my computer was having problems. It got sent off. Returned on Tuesday, with several components replaced. Joy. Tried it out, and it seemed to work fine.

I tried turning it on today at lunch, and the fucking thing froze up on the start-up screen. I had to shut it down and restart it. So now it seems to be working, but what happens if it freezes up again? And what the FUCK would cause it to freeze up in the first place?

C'mon, all you computer people. What gives? What the hell is going on? Because right now, I'm planning on just shipping the hunk of crap back to HP and telling them to give me my money back. There is no reason I can see for the damn thing to not even start up properly.

Should I just give up on it and ship it back? Or is there a halfway logical reason for the fucking thing to freeze while it's starting up?

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