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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Loser Goes Down

Here's an observation, backed up by absolute hoards of evidence: When some pansy-assed wimp from an Anti(american)-War group starts making claims like "I was in the Special Forces, dude!" you can be 99.999999999% sure that he's a liar.

They never learn. It's due to the Liberal mindset, where they can do no wrong and truth is just something to be sacrificed to the "greater good". They should be happy that I'm not around the little DD-214-altering asscannons, because I'd do a little "altering" of my own on his pathetic little body.

They attempt to use the military, or their supposed activities in the military, in order to make the military look bad. Altering your DD 214 is a felony. I want this bastard to rot in jail.

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