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Saturday, November 05, 2005

RD's Proof - Rich's '$450,000' for Clinton library - More 'Principled' Opposition to Removing Saddam Hussein

In regards to this:

Former American fugitive Marc Rich was a middleman for several of Iraq's suspect oil deals in February 2001, just one month after his pardon from President Clinton, according to oil industry shipping records obtained by ABC News.

RD mentioned: "There was a large amount of money that changed hands. I don't have any proof of it"

Your instincts are tried and true, my friend. Rich's wife gave money to the Clinton library, and DNC.

The former wife of the fugitive financier controversially pardoned by President Clinton on his last day in office had donated $450,000 to his presidential library fund, according to reports in Washington.

Citing "sources familiar with the contribution", the Washington Post said Denise Rich made three donations from July 1998 to May 2000, before she became active late last year in the successful lobbying campaign for Marc Rich.

The pardon freed one of the world's richest men from prosecution on more than 50 counts of racketeering, wire fraud, income tax evasion and illegal oil trading with Iran.

Her lawyer had told a house committee probing the pardon that Denise Rich donated an "enormous sum of money" to the fund.

Reports of the donations have ranged from $400,000 to $1 million.

Ms Rich, who has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party in recent years, refused to answer 14 written questions submitted to her by the committee, claiming her constitutional protection against self-incrimination.

Clinton foundation attorney David Kendall said he would fight a subpoena for the library donor list saying, "Any demand for a list of our donors would be flagrantly violative of the First Amendment and we would resist it.

They also noted that Ms Rich was a major contributor to Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate campaign.


Mr Clinton insisted on Tuesday that Mr Rich deserved the pardon. saying: "Once the facts are out there, people will understand what I did and why, even if they may not agree with it."

Democrats opposed the removal of Saddam Hussein, and they took fat cash from people who were content to do business with the butcher of Baghdad AND IRAN!!!! Bill Clinton, John "Let's give Iran nuclear fuel to test them." Kerry, and their fellow Democrats sell their country out to those who would see it destroyed! LET'S INVESTIGATE THEM!

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