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Thursday, April 14, 2005


"I actually had two Korean War(!) veterans thank me - I could hardly stammer a reply." Greeting returning soldiers at Instapundit.

"He gave his life heroically and importantly, but it's immoral for our command not to provide our soldiers with absolutely everything they need to give them maximum protection: body armor, armored vehicles, sandbags. ... It's immoral if our soldiers are left in any way unequipped and unprotected." Senate Democrat politicizing death at PowerLine.

What was it that President Clinton called Senators who blocked votes? Oh yeah -- "Guardians of Gridlock".

"People don't want to accept that a well-educated, liberal community can have hate." Via Ann Coulter, via DANEgerus.

Dan Drezner sez: "John Bolton is right about the United Nations". As if that really matters...

And, lastly, Michael Ramirez:

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