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Saturday, January 01, 2005

A little trivia

So AK was listening to some Leftie Radio here in Seattle, and the local talk show host was up in arms about the fact that the USA was sending the USS Abraham Lincoln to assist in recovery and aid.

She didn't like the fact that we were sending a war machine there. In the mind of the typical Seattle Lefist, the military is the anti-christ reborn.

But here's a bit of information that our moonbat Seattlites seem to have forgotten. A Nimitz class aircraft carrier can produce 400,000 gallons of fresh water a day.

That's 16,667 gallons per hour. 99.99999% of which can go to the people on shore who need it. But if the leftists had their way, none of that would happen. After all, we're sending water purification ships, why do we need a carrier group to go as well?

Well, here's a bit of trivia that my brother in law (US Navy guy) informed me of. In addition to the water purification that a carrier can do, the standard Nimitz class carrier has the capacity to generate enough electricity for a small city. It can tie up to a dock, hook up some power cables and send a whole lotta juice to shore.

Lemme give you an idea. Imagine a battery the size of South Dakota.


My unit is a combat support hospital, and it has two 100 KW generators to run the entire thing. OR, Decon, all the beds, all the equipment, all of it. And a hospital pulls a TON of juice. But compared to an aircraft carrier, we're small potatoes.

All in all, a carrier group with several water purification ships can power an entire city, and supply enough fresh water for everyone in it. There are also the food producing capabilities, the mechanic shops, the metal fabrication capabilities, and so much more. A carrier is a small city floating on water, with the supplies and support functions that need to go with it. All of which can be used to help the people in tsunami devastated lands.

The next time some Leftie throws a temper tantrum about the US sending a carrier group, shut them down with the truth. Again.

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