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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Elections in Iraq

So, I'm sure that many of you got the news that Iraq held it's first real elections in three decades. Some of you got it from Fox News, some of you got it from CNN. I don't have a TV where I'm at right now. So I have to get my news either second hand or a bit more directly.

As in, directly from the source. One of my former co-workers is finishing up a deployment in Iraq, and emailed a big group of people this evening. Here's his email, with his last name removed for privacy, since he doesn't yet know that I'm publishing it.

Hi Everybody!

Well, the Iraq Elections went off pretty good. Out of all the registered voters (I don't know the number, but it's ALOT of people), 72% voted. I think thats more voters than we had in our country. Kinda makes a year over here worth it. We had a Mass Casualty Point setup, just in case, but it didn't need to be used. Not even once.

I'm sure that in the news there talking about the suicide bomber that got within 500 meters of a polling site and blew himself up. The reporters probably didn't tell you the Iraqi voters spit on this guys body parts as they walked past hime to vote. I'm sure that part wasn't put on the news.

The unit thats replacing us is almost here. Only a little over a month to go. I'll talk to you all later, Joe.

All you sniveling leftists out there can KISS MY HAIRY WHITE ASS! Iraq is free and democratic for the first time in over THREE DECADES!

If we had listened to the left, Saddam would still be dropping people into plastic chippers while his son raped more twelve year old girls.

Speaking of Iraq, Mark Styne has once again created a masterpiece of the written word. Read the whole thing.

And if the phrase "Condi's second term" doesn't make you need to clean out your pants, you must be a brain dead Democrat.

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