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Sunday, May 30, 2004

It fits.

You know, I've been trying to find a way to describe my girlfriend for some time. She defies just about any kind of adjective you could apply to her. Girly? Nope, not unless the situation needs it. Weak is not a word you want to apply to that woman; she has to my knowledge bent tubular steel with her leg, twice. It was an accident once. Her passenger door on her car is still bent out at the bottom from where it trapped her leg. She was bruised for a while, but nothing broke. Hell, nothing even bent! The same can't be said for her car door.

So she's not damn near much of anything that could easily be described. Until now. She's a Tough Chick.

A Tough Chick has the annoying yet endearing quality of being able to grab any of your hats, no matter what type, put it on herself, and instantly look way cooler than you ever did in it. She can pull off all sorts of ordinary or unusual clothing combinations with style and panache. She makes anything look good. If she wears jeans and a baby-tee, she's cute. If she wears leather jeans and a ripped-up cowboy shirt tied across her midriff, she's hot as hell. If she wears a strapless evening gown with a corsage, she's unexpectedly dazzling and radiant. You will sometimes feel like a hapless schlub next to her.

A Tough Chick takes no shit, from you or anybody else. On the other hand, she will never give you any (undeserved) shit either. Tough Chicks are not in the shit business.

A Tough Chick would do Angelina Jolie in a hot second, and doesn't care if even her mother knows it.

A Tough Chick may or may not have tattoos, but she likes yours.

A Tough Chick doesn't like little yappy-ass rat-dogs.

That's just part of it. I read down the list and found myself nodding my head, going "Yep, yep, yep, oh hell yeah, yep, that's her to a "t", yep, yep, yes!"

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