Day by Day

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The subject material here is risque, and the pictures are not safe for work, BUT this is a really good read.

Aaron left the room while I put on a condom and got between her legs. The initial pleasure of Karen's tightness was tempered by the feeling that I was humping a cadaver and was about to experience my first morgueasm. The sound of her wig rubbing against the back of the sofa was chilling.

Aaron, understandably reticent to be in the same room while I used the world's most luxurious masturbatory device, returned to take a few posed shots. "Um . . . what's it feel like?" he said, using his camera primarily to avoid making eye contact. I gave Karen a few hard pumps to illustrate. "Y'know what?" he said, taking shots as he backed toward the door. "You can tell me later."
No, really. It's good stuff. - I Did It for Science: Sex Doll by Grant Stoddard

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