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Monday, February 23, 2004

More Leftist Idiocy Exposed

So, the Pentagon hires a firm named Global Business Network. This is a company that comes up with several different scenarios for the organizations who hire them, in order to help those organizations plan for the future. Let's say that I inherited millions of dollars, and I want to plan for this blogs future. I ask them to come up with scenarios and plans for them. They come up with something like this:

1) Posting increases, followed by loss of readership.
2) Posting increases, followed by gains in readership.
3) Posting decreases, followed by loss of readership.
4) Posting decreases, followed by gains in readership.
5) Posting stays at the current level, but readership declines.

And so on and so forth. GBN comes up with all the different scenarios, as well as plans for them if they occur. Now, obviously there are several companies who would be interested in finding out different scenarios that could occur in the future, as well as plans for them if they should occur. Companies do this all the time. So does the government. The US DoD has the "Rainbow Plans" that contain strategies to invade every single country in the world, for the simple reason that if the SHTF, and the US needs to roll, we can at least have some sort of plan ready instead of running around like headless chickens.

So the Pentagon hires GBN to come up with scenarios and plans in regards to the climate. GBN does so, and hands back it's package to the Pentagon. All is fine, all is well. And then the hysterical Left, being what they are, grab ONE of those scenarios and start hyperventilating.

Whereupon they are promptly exposed as the childish, silly, imbecillic morons that they truly are, by Greyhawk, Tim Blair, and others.

My only question is when we will see some sort of retraction by the bloggers and other assorted dipshits who peddle this sort of trash as the gospel truth? How many times do they need to be exposed as frauds and liars before we get one single apology?

Oh wait, I forgot. Being Left means never correcting yourself, just take another bong hit and forget that you're a brain-dead asshat.

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