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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Tell me again....

Why does the left support the "Palestinians"?

Especially when I see things like this.

JTA reports that many Palestinian homosexuals in Israel adopt the appearance of Jews, wearing Star of David medallions, learning Hebrew, and otherwise blending in with those who respect their human rights. (emphasis mine)

One more reason for me to believe that the Left suffers under a mental defect of some sort. I recall seeing a story much like this months ago. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I don't give a shit what your sexual orientation is. Flat out. Do what you want, and so long as it is A) legal, and B) doesn't effect me, then I could give two hoots and a hollar about it. Only the truly sick people do what the "Palestinians" do to homosexuals. This isn't some sort of disapproval, this is a Fred-Phelps-fucked-in-the-head level of disfunction. And when these people are hunted down and killed for their sexual orientation, where do they go?

Do they go to the UN? No, they've already realised that the UN is worthless.

Do they go to the EU? No, they realise that the EU only loves the PLO.

Do they go to America? No, they realise that Bush is too busy being nice to terrorists like Arafat to take them into consideration.

So where do they go? Where do they go to escape the persecution that they face under the "Palestinian" thugs? They go to Israel. Where they find safety in a country that they have been taught to hate.

There should be no question about who we should support, folks. One country respects the lives of those who would live and let live. The other side preaches hatred, prejudice, and death. In my opinion, Bush has done enough coddling and apeasement of Arafat, and should FINALLY tell Israel "Do what you need to do. We got yer back".

Found via Instapundit.

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