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Sunday, December 28, 2003


When a country goes out of it's way to help you, YOU DO NOT TREAT THEM LIKE THIS!

And Poland? Like the Czech Republic, which sent a few medics to the Persian Gulf then withdrew them in panic, Poland will get a standard package of $12 million for NATO-related programs. Other than some logistical support in Iraq, that's it. Strategic peanuts for our most enthusiastic ally on the European continent.

Poland did have one request - a humble one, in the great scheme of things. Warsaw asked for $47 million to modernize six used, American-built C-130 transport aircraft and to purchase American-built HMMWV all-terrain vehicles so elite Polish units could better integrate operations with American forces. Much of the money would go right back to U.S. factories and workers.

Our response? We stiffed them.

For once, the Pentagon and the State Department agree: No can do. Impossible. Our pocket are empty. Got to FedEx every penny to our favorite dictators.

It's a mistake to over-idealize any nation. But if there's a land of heroes anywhere between the English Channel and the coast of California, it's Poland. Our Polish allies have taken a brave, costly, principled stand for freedom and democracy in Iraq. They desperately want to be seen by Washington as reliable friends in this treacherous world.

The least we could do is to treat them with respect.

Let's see if we can get this through to the brains of the IDIOTIC FUCKWITS who have their fingers on the purse-strings. YOU DO NOT TREAT YOUR ALLIES LIKE THIS! While the State Department is kow-towing to dictators the globe over and the Pentagon is demanding more money for crap like the Stryker vehicle, one of our staunches allies in Europe gets kicked to the curb?

Heads had better fucking roll, Dubya.

Hat tip to Instapundit, although I don't know if I should thank him for raising my blood pressure like that.

Also from Instapundit is this report on procurement troubles in Iraq. Mark my words, this is the end result of the drawdown and politicization of the military that started with Bush 41 and continued with Clinton. REMF's are trying to stay in control, even as troops with real combat experience are adapting and progressing. Perhaps we have a few too many cooks in the kitchen, all trying to retain control of their little part of the military. We need to dump the dead weight.

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