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Thursday, November 20, 2003

I just left this comment over at Citizen Smash's place:

Not thought that has entered my mind in the past ten years scares me more than the realization that there are free people, American, French, British people, who oppose waging war on these Radical Islamic fellas.

I argue that this is World War Four, and it's Radical Islam against everyone else. I know that is melodramatic but if memory serves me well, Radical Islam has, in the past ten years, struck deadly blows in the United States, Kenya, Tanzania, Tunisia, Pakistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Jordan, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and now Turkey.

Whom did I miss?
Here is what I was addressing.

Am I wrong? If one group of people, loosely jointed though they may be, strike in twelve different nations inside ten years, what do you call that?

UPDATE: AJ over at Dar al Harb wrote to say that I missed India, Israel, Sudan, and Algeria. I also neglected Yemen, site of the USS Cole bombing.

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