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Saturday, September 27, 2003

No, I haven't disappeared

I've been recharging the batteries, doing work on the bike, (DAMN, but those parts are expensive!) and just taking a few days for myself. The g/f and I are heading out tomorrow for the Anacortes Oyster Run, which means I had to use up some vacation. But it'll be worth it.

But anyways, the news that ticked me off. The US is saying that the UN will have a larger role in reconstructing Iraq. My only question is "WHY?" The France and Germany led UN, filled with thugs and dictators, didn't do a DAMN THING for Iraq when Saddam ruled it with an iron fist. And lets not forget that it was the UN who allowed, through either their corruption or plain incompetance, Saddam's oil-for-food scheme which resulted in people starving while Saddam piled up US $100 bills. HALF A BILLION DOLLARS WORTH. The only role the UN should be playing is either a footmat for the new Iraqi government to wipe their feet on, or an ATM machine for the rest of us who actually did something about Saddam. If you want gross incompetance, negligence, corruption, brutality, mass murder, genocide, and appeasement, just let the UN run a country. Hey, it's worked great for Bosnia, hasn't it? There STILL isn't a self-supporting Bosnia yet, and the UN has been running that place for HOW MANY YEARS?! Allowing the UN to "play a larger role" is translated into "Allowing the UN to run a country for their own gain, while making the population more and more dependant on the UN, and forcing the USA to foot the bill for the entire thing." Why don't we skip the part where the UN wrecks that country, hmmmmm? If the USA had taken control of Bosnia, instead of playing the part of UN enforcers, we might not have troops still stationed there! Piss on the UN. I wouldn't trust them to wipe their own ass properly, much less rebuild a country.

And since I still have more saved up, I want one of those barking moonbats to answer a question. Just how do you think an organisation made up of thugs, dictators, and theocracies can properly rebuild a democratic system of government? A good HALF of the countries in the UN don't allow democracy in their own damn country! Why should we trust them in Iraq? Do you really think Iran wants a democracy right next to it? Why are we giving these criminals a chance to screw things up?

As far as I'm concerned, we can round up the UN, put them all into that pretty little building of theirs on the Hudson river, and implode it. The world would thank us later, trust me.

On the home front, Rep. Janklow has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. I got news for you, Janklow. Your drunk ass plowed your Caddilac into a motorcycle. Your drunk ass killed a man. YOU ARE GUILTY! And if I had my way, the family of that man should be able to attach battery cables to your shriveled little nutsack and watch you twitch for the next twenty years. You don't deserve to be in Congress, you deserve to be in jail. The people of South Dakota deserve someone better than a murdering lush to represent them, so go to hell. Go directly to hell, do not pass "Go", do not collect $200, your ass should belong to Bubbah right about now.

Or maybe I can put it this way: Janklow's decision to drive drunk caused a man to die. That man's family is going through hell right now. This wasn't a death that you could expect or prepare yourself for. Those are painfull enough. But to lose a member of your family, your son or your husband or your father, is like taking a sledgehammer to the chest. To lose him because some drunken fuckwit rammed a Caddy into him is even worse. What do you say when a little girl asks "Why did daddy die, Mommy?"

It's time for Janklow to twitch. Killing him is too merciful. Is that harsh? It is? Good. Because it's nothing compared to what that family is going through right now.

And last but not least, critics of the GOP are saying that the 'publicans haven't been forcefull enough. Gee, ya think? Allowing not one, not two, but THREE fully qualified judges to be fillibustered? Hell, Estrada had the backing of every judge in the country, but that wasn't good enough for the Donks, because he was a *gasp* conservative! Not only does this highlight the hipocricy inherant in the Donks, ("Yes, we support diversity, but only when those brown-skins stay on our plantation like they're supposed to!"), but it allowed the Donks to wrest a bit more control away from the Republicans. There should have been a damn vote. Make those fucking sacks of slime actually stand up a filibuster. I know that Teddy "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy has a big mouth, but I want to see him go two hours without a drink before I accept his little fillibuster. Make the bastards back it up. Because they CAN'T! But it never came to that, because the Republicans folded like a house of cards. They needed to show some backbone, and failed. So we now have to live with the choices of socialists, parasites, and communists because our elected officials didn't do their damn jobs.

Hell, lets just nuke Washington and start over. The Republicans aren't the party of the Right anymore, they're the party of "Lets be friends!" And that won't get this country anywhere but down.

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