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Monday, September 22, 2003

Found it!

Fruits of a Cowboy Presidency

Sequence of Events:

1. The President of the United States declares Saddam Hussein the United States' number one enemy.

2. Without consulting the United Nations, the President of the United States quickly launches a unilateral attack on Iraq.

3. The attack kills and injures civilians and enemy combatants alike.

4. The job is left undone.

5. Recruitment for groups who aim to target the United States rises dramatically.

Just what the Left predicted, right?

"This reason for attack is fabricated! It's all a tissue of lies, spun to distract Americans from the woes of their President! This attack will make us MORE vulnerable to terrorism - for every terrorist we kill, ten more will sign up. This unilateral action is illegal! Why rush? Let the inspectors do their work!"


Bush is the cowboy who has made things worse!



The date? 1998.

The Cowboy President? Bill Clinton.

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