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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Went shopping with the Mrs yesterday

Normally I regard shopping with my wife as something akin to pneumonia - something I avoid as best I can but still have to deal with every blue moon or so.  This time however, was a bit different.  You see, living in various places where she doesn't quite feel safe has made her want to carry a pistol, we're now in a place where she CAN carry a pistol (Los Angeles carry permit?  It is to laugh), and while she loves her bedroom gun, it's a revolver and she's not quite feeling like she can conceal it comfortably in this heat and humidity.

So, off we went to the local Merchant 'o Death to see what pistols fit her hands.  My dear wife, while cute and petite, has hands as wide as mine but not as long.  She's basically got Minecraft hands - they're square shaped and can be used as weapons.  She started out looking at some .380 pistols, but couldn't find any that felt comfortable in her grip.  That got us moving up to 9mm, and she found four pistols there that met the "big enough to hold, small enough to conceal" criteria for her.

For HER.  I know that there's lots of opinions out there about what is good and what is not.  In this, the only opinions I cared about are hers.  Did the pistol feel good in her hands?  Can she grip is comfortably?  Will she be able to conceal it?

By the by, there's an entire industry that caters to women concealing pistols.  I didn't know.  I guess it had never crossed my mind. 

Anyways, she looked at the Ruger LC9 (and it's cheaper twin, the EC9s), the Walther PPS, the S&W XD9, and the Glock 43.  Of the four, she likes the Ruger and Walther the best. 

Next up?  Range time.  We'll be stopping in at a local indoor rante some time in the future to rent the pistols, and putting rounds through paper to see what gun feels the best going pew pew pew.

It was a rather nice shopping trip.


p2 said...

shit hot. smart enuff to let HER decide what fits.... if it doesnt work for her, she wont carry it.... let alone shoot the thing. good on ya.

Ragin' Dave said...

The perfect gun is the one where you can dump a magazine into a 5-inch circle when your life depends on it. Everything else is just opinions and personal taste.