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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

On Charlottesville and the riots

Just what the hell did people expect, anyways?

First of all: the "Alt-Right", as the Leftist Media wants to call them, was organized by a Leftist Obama supporter.  That will never turn out well.  Just sayin.

The Leftists, who did NOT have a permit to march or protest, showed up with the intention of committing violence.  For that matter, so did the "Unite the Right" people.  However, the "Unite" folks applied for, and were granted a permit for their protest.  The Leftists?  Nope.

So let me put it this way, and let's take political labels out of the equation, shall we?  A group of people who followed the law were met by people who didn't follow the law.  The people who followed the law expected violence and came ready to fight.  The people who didn't follow the law wanted to commit violence, and came ready to fight.  The two sides fought.  And how the Left wants you to condemn the people who followed the law, but completely forgive the people who didn't follow the law.

Got that yet?

The 1st Amendment applies to Nazis just as much as it applies to anyone else.  You can't go around and say "Well, I love free speech but NAZI!" and expect that argument to hold any water.

Both sides came prepared to fight.  Only one of them actually had a permit to be there.

And let me digress into a topic that's been floating around in my head for a while, that plenty of other people have already brought it up - you have had the Left demonizing white men for years, decades now.  Is it any shock that some white men have finally decided that if they're going to be accused of crimes from a century ago just because of their skin color, they'll damn well start forming groups based on their skin color?

Until the racist hate group of Black Lives Matter finally admit that all lives matter, then you will have groups that form up to say White Lives Matter.

Until fascist hate groups like Antifa stop trying to force fascism and communism on people who want nothing to do with either, you will have groups form up to push back against them.

Until morally degenerate groups like the Democrat Party learn to leave people alone, you will have groups form up to force the Democrat Party to leave them alone.

The easiest thing in the world is to just leave people alone.  All it takes is absolutely no action on your part.  But unfortunately, some people just seem hardwired to force their will on their neighbor.  Hence the Democrats.  And their hordes of unwashed, drug-addled, indoctrinated, mindless zombies like Antifa or the students of most universities in America these days.

Like most bullies, the Left will not stop until you punch them in the nose and make them bleed.  They haven't been punched hard enough yet, and their apologists in the Media make sure that they'll never face the kind of scrutiny that would make their fascism and hatred truly painful.  That means this will keep escalating.  One death in Charlottesville?  Get ready for more, because the Left refuses to listen to people when those people say "Enough!  Leave me be and go somewhere else!"

There will be a lot more blood shed before all is said and done.


rusty muskets said...

Unfortunately, I must agree with your thoughts, it is sad that so many people just cannot leave other people alone. I am disgusted that I am forced to defend the white nationalists and other such wack jobs against the left but because as you point out they followed the law and got a permit, the others well no they did not. Why did the police not keep both groups apart? The Va governor is a A Hole, as is the Charlottesville mayor and the chief of police. All of this is not going to end well.

0007 said...

The aclu (piss be upon them) seems to have discovered that the popo's were ordered to stand down AFTER forcing the WN's out of the park and into the commies.