Day by Day

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

If the GOP loses control of congress in 2018, this is why

They refuse to do what they promised to do for seven years.

You know, I think the longer the bill is out there, the more conservative Republicans are going to discover that it's not repeal, and the more that everybody is going to discover that it keeps the fundamental flaw of Obamacare. 
It keeps the insurance mandates that cause the prices to rise, which chase young, healthy people out of the marketplace, and leads to what people call adverse selection, where you have a sicker and sicker insurance pool, and the premiums keep rising through the roof.

When the GOP dies, they will have nobody but themselves to blame.


doctor_kaz said...

The gullible GOP fell hook, line, and sinker for the story that the media sold them -- "the voters love Obamacare and they will be outraged if you repeal it". This is after two landslide midterm victories where they promised to repeal it. Obamacare has absolutely never been popular. An unconditional repeal would have worked out just fine.

Crotalus said...

The GOP is as dead in D.C. as it is in the PDRK. I'm done with all of them. Only thing left is civil war.