Day by Day

Sunday, January 08, 2017

And since I'm covered in snow and an outside temp of 6 degrees

The whole "Man-Made Global Warming" is absolute bullshit.

There is no settled science. There is no consensus. There is no climate science, period. Just a group of criminals who are terrified that their global warming scam is about to end. Climate scientists make Enron accountants look like saints.

It's amazing what happens when you use actual scientific method on "climate science", innit?


Anonymous said...

Yup, it is 2 here and will be 50 by Wednesday. I am in Northern Rhode Island so we are NOT in the snow belt. The climate change/global warming debacle/bullshit is finally coming around to it's end. People don't believe them any more - well at least THINKING people don't


OC said...

Here in MN they had some statistics on the weather report on TV the other day.
Coldest day ever, for the date, at the Airport (where nobody lives, but where they record the "official" daily temps.

On the list (fourth I think) was the same day in 19 fucking 30!!

More proof of global warming.