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Friday, November 18, 2016

It's not even THANKSGIVING yet!

And every damn store around here has Christmas stuff up already!  I wouldn't mind if it were actual religious goods, but no, it's the cheap, "Buy lots of things!" kind of crap that has turned Christ's Mass into one gigantic bankruptcy hearing.

Advent doesn't start for weeks.  But of course, most Americans today don't even know what Advent is.  They just know Santa Klaus.  Old Saint Nick.

Saint Nicholas was a bad-ass, by the way.  Read up on him.  As in, punch heretics in the mouth kind of bad-ass.  Yeah.

I love Christmas, but I'm starting to hate the whole "Christmas Season".


Adrienne said...

Over the past two years I have culled just about all my Christmas "stuff." If it didn't fit in my steamer trunk in the bedroom, it had to go. Even the tree got downsized. Now putting up the tree, the manger scene, and a few things from my childhood is actually fun, No hauling in box after box from the barn.

Our stores had Christmas stuff out before Halloween, but now the stores are just bursting. Okay - that being said, it's fun to look at all the crap knowing that you're not going to buy any of it. It's a form of gloating and it feels good.

Adrienne said...

Allow me to add also that I came very, very close to buying some cute inexpensive turkey salt and pepper shakers. I had to ask myself if I'd just lost my mind. The answer was, "No." Talk about dodging a bullet.

p2 said...

i just spent a week in charlotte, nc, visiting friends. charlotte is where the whole christmas thing begins. the city has decorations and lights up and operating. people have trees up and decorated. the stores, the local kiwanis clubs, the boy scouts, et al, are all selling chopped down pine trees and people are buying them. in 6 weeks they'll be dessicated piles of tinder..... its unreal.