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Monday, August 29, 2016

More brewing yesterday

Bottled up the three gallon batch we racked last week.  Started a five gallon batch of an experimental honey beer, and a three gallon batch of mesquite honey mead.  Also started a one gallon test batch of what I'm calling "Cherry Bomb".  One quart of black cherry juice, four pounds of honey, and champagne yeast.  The SG read at 1.166 before I pitched the yeast.  I've never started anything that that high of a specific gravity before, but the Champagne yeast is chowing down like little fiends right now.  The gas lock was bubbling away before I went to bed.  I figure with the amount of sugar in that batch, it'll ferment for at least two or three months before the yeast peters out, and I might end up with an alcohol content of 15-18%, with more than enough residual sugars to make it sweet.  Thus, Cherry Bomb!

The experimental beer is honey and hops, with a Dublin Ale yeast.  We're going to see how it turns out.  The Mrs. doesn't like a bitter beer so we went with Kent Golding hops; floral, a little citrus and herbal, but not much in the way of bitter at all.  No idea how it's going to turn out.  That's why it's an experiment.

The mead we bottled is going to be nice once it smooths out.  You can taste the cranberries from where the bees collected the honey.  It'll be a winner.

I also have a list of about six or seven other batches I want to brew up.  It'll be a busy fall and winter.

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