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Thursday, May 07, 2015

To every person who criticized Pam Gellar

For having the temerity to act like an American in America...

Fuck you.  Fuck you with a fence-post wrapped in barbed wire.

Pamela Geller exposed Islam for what it is.  And at the same time, she exposed modern-day American Leftists, and even quite a few people on the Right, for what they are.  Pasty, mealy-mouthed, gutless, spineless worms who would rather live on their knees than possibly die on their feet.

Let's be blunt here, shall we?  If you cannot defend the 1st Amendment right of free speech without adding a "but" to your argument, you're pathetic.  You're worthless.  And when you show a total lack of willingness to defend one amendment, you can't be counted on to defend any of the others when it counts.

Free speech means FREE SPEECH.  If you add a "but" to that, screw you.

Does that mean the Islamonazis can run around screaming about how they should institute sharia law?  Sure.  Let them.  But I will be standing in front of them screaming about how their pedophile prophet is a child-buggering, boy sodomizing, moon-god worshiping bastard who only deserves to have his grave pissed on.

And when they try to kill me to stop me from speaking, I'll put a bullet in their brain.  Because THAT is what you do to people who try to take away your rights.  THAT is something that the all of the Left and part of the Right need to remember.


Drumwaster said...

Pamela Gellar may be an asshole. She may be offensive. She is quite probably wrong in much of what she says and does.

Y'know what? NONE OF THAT MATTERS! She has the RIGHT to be each and every one of those things, and not be shot at for those things.

Y'know why? BECAUSE ANYONE MIGHT BE NEXT! Including you, me, or the most popular TV star on the most popular TV show in the country.

She has been accused of "knowing what the consequences of her act would be". Of COURSE she knows, because the consequences for exercising free speech in this country is PRECISELY NOTHING. That's how the system works!

Ragin' Dave said...

Let's play a little game. Let's say that Gellar was drinking in a bar, and wearing a miniskirt and bikini top. She walks out the door, and gets raped.

It it her fault for wearing those clothes? Should she be told that she "knew what the consequences of her act would be?"

The people attacking her are in essence saying yes to that.