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Monday, May 04, 2015

Oh, and by the way

I didn't watch the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.  And after reading the reviews, I'm soooooo happy I didn't even bother going to the cigar shop to watch it.  I'm not one of those chumps.

Floyd Mayweather is a loud-mouthed bitch who's made millions off of fighting people who aren't in his class.  Which is why this fight happened now, and not six years ago when Pacquiao would have beaten his ass like a drum.

For all of Mayweather's talk, he's not even half as good as he thinks he is.  Rhonda Rousey would beat his ass.  Connor McGregor would beat his ass.  I'd put up against a tiny little thing like Paige van Zant, and she would beat his ass, because in the end he's not very good, and he's proven that he's not very good by avoiding every single fighter in his prime, and choosing to fight against newbies or people past their prime.  Mayweather can only be defined by the fights which he has fled from, which are legion, and spell his weakness and status as a gutless little bitch for history to view.

And you know what?  Mayweather would never agree to fight van Zant, because he's a gutless little bitch and he knows he'd get his ass beat by a girl.

Oh, and Pacquiao fighting with a torn labrum?  That's a shit move.  But if he didn't fight he didn't get his payday, because Mayweather would have never agreed to fight a healthy Pacquiao.  Because Mayweather is a gutless fucking bitch.  Hell, I'm not even a boxer, and I'd lay even money on me beating his ass like a drum.

Also, nobody would shell out $90 to watch Pacquiao fight with an injury.  And he knew it.  So he kept it quiet, so fuck him too.

This "Fight of the Century" just helped elevate MMA as the dominant spectacle to watch.  I'll never pay money to watch boxing.  Had Mayweather-Pacquiao been good, I would have gone back.  I would have bought in.  But this proves what I've been thinking for a while:  Boxing is dead.  It's all bullshit and crap and Don King's hair.  Don't waste your time on it, unless you happen to like watching 135 pound Mexicans pop each other.  And there's nothing wrong with that.  But if you want to watch actual fighting, pick up the UFC or Strikeforce, and watch some actual fighting, not a skinny black man running away from a Filipino and then hugging him when he got too close.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the fight, but only because a fried was hosting it and a bunch of people pitched in. I never would have watched it otherwise

Boxing committed suicide in so many ways. It was once an excellent sport. It has been a real shame to watch it go down the tubes.