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Monday, April 27, 2015

Baltimore is burning

And I'm finding it hard to care.

Seriously - there comes a time where putting forth the effort to give a shit just doesn't seem worth it.  Do I pity the innocent folks there?  Yep, I do.  But given that Baltimore is the product of decades of Democrat/Proggie/Liberal polices that have been voted on over and over by the people who live there, I'm really just shrugging my shoulders and telling myself "Let it burn".

Why try to help them?  That's like putting a band-aide on a gangrenous foot.  It does no good, and ignoring the larger problem means you'll have to cut off the entire leg later, rather than the foot right now.

And let's face it - I can't do a damn thing for that city, and even if I could I would be called a racist and attacked by the people doing the rioting.

So sorry, my give-a-damn's busted.  Let it burn.  And then don't rebuild.  Just walk away, and leave them there in the ashes of their own hatred.

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