Day by Day

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Today is December 7th

A day that shall live in infamy, as some guy once said.  Just a wee bit of his historical significance.

Here's the page for Bing today:

A very nice homage to the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor.  I've been to that memorial.  I've looked down into the gun turrets and seen the oil still dripping to the top of the water like tears in reverse.  It was a powerful moment, even though I was a little kid and still didn't understand everything about it.

And here is the page for Google today:

And this is why I try never to use anything from Google.  I have an epic rant just bursting to come out, but it's Sunday and I'm trying to maintain on semblance of peace on the Lord's day.

I'll never use Chrome, and I'll use Bing or Yahoo to do my web searches.  If there were another free blogging engine out there, I'd use that as well just to get away from Google.


bbuddha said...

try ixquick, free and it doesn't save your information. I use bing at work, i refuse to use google

Drumwaster said...

Also respects our privacy by not saving any data from previous searches...

Anonymous said...

Yep, Ixquick.