Day by Day

Friday, August 22, 2014

Does this make anyone else hungry?

I'm actually drooling....

That's a 22-inch kielbasa sausage with beer cheese, on a loaf of bread.

So.....  hungry.....


Gerry N. said...

I tried Bierkase twenty five or thirty years ago. The thing I remember about it was that it took about an hour and a half of rinsing my mouth with hydrogen peroxide to get the foul taste out. On the other hand I've yet to meet a Polska kielbasa that I didn't enjoy. Thank God for Poles. I worked with a Pole who came here with his family 20 or 25 years back. He and his eldest son made their own kielbasa. It was close to a religious experience it was that good.

Gerry N.

Ragin' Dave said...

Hell, home-made sausage is a thing of joy, especially when you look at all the crap that modern day sausages have in them.

Soy protein flour was never supposed to be eaten by humans.

That's why the Ragin' Mrs. and I make our own sausages. To make sure we're not eating crap that the Mrs. has allergic reactions from.