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Friday, January 10, 2014

Rage Spiral?

So, Lena Dunham, the woman who equated voting for her God, King and Messiah, Barack Obama, to having sex for the first time, now has her knickers in a twist about someone asking why she's naked on her show all the time.

Hey Lena - maybe you're naked all the time because you're a no-talent hack, and if you didn't have a steady parade of pussy and tits on your show you wouldn't HAVE a show?  Let's be honest here; when you're showing a a girl getting a pearl necklace, you're nothing more than soft-core porn on late-night TV.  The story-line DOES NOT MATTER.  And I'm pretty sure you know that.

And let's face it - by your own admission, you wet your panties at the thought of voting for your Marxist Messiah, so we already know you don't exactly have a great intellectual base to start with, don't we?  So you use what God gave you:  Two tits and a pussy, and you flash them for all they are worth.  Which is quite a bit, admittedly, but it would be nice if you were honest about it.

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Mark Alger said...

The way I see this is, we're all, "You're fugly. Get off the screen!" She's all: "You hate me because I'm not the standard of beauty. Love me for my art!"

Surprising that someone who calls herself a storyteller doesn't get the basic fact about storytelling: people want fantasy, not reality.