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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Your dose of sphincter-clenching economic news

In one webpage.  Bottom Line Up Front - 91.8 million people are out of the workforce and no longer searching for work.

THAT is why the "unemployment" numbers are so low.  People have given up.  They've stopped looking for work.  And it's only going to get worse.

But the point now is to realize that when you have nearly 92 million people deserting the labor force in a country of 317 million (many of who are children too young to work), you have a catastrophic problem on your hands.
If anything, I think Roger L. Simon isn't being dire enough in his prediction.   I'm with Veeshir on this one...

Take off our bourbon approved 2% and you have somewhere  35% of Americans supporting everybody else.

That doesn’t make it any less fucking endy.

I just don’t see how that can last very long while our moral, political, economical and social betters are spending $1 trillion more a year than they’re taking in.
 The problem that the Left created is what we like to call the "Free Shit Army", or FSA for short.  The FSA is what the Democrats use to farm votes, and it's all paid for with government money to keep the slaves on the plantation.  But what happens when the money stops?  What happens when the EBT cards all flash zeroes?  We got a little taste of that last year, didn't we?

Just wait until the FSA doesn't get their monthly allotment of Free Shit, and see how long the cities go without being burned to the ground.

Stock up on ammo, folks.

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