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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Political Theater

New York passes a bill banning scary looking guns and normal-sized magazines.  Criminals all over the state don't do a damn thing different, because they don't give a shit about the law to begin with.

Seriously folks, a standard magazine for a Beretta 92FS is now illegal in New York.  Not an EXPANDED magazine.  Not an ENLARGED magazine.  A STANDARD MAGAZINE is now illegal in New York.

Congratulations, you fucking communist shitstains.  This will do exactly JACK and SHIT for your crime rate, as there is absolutely no hope whatever of criminals exclaiming "Oh me oh my, I can't possibly purchase THAT gun from my black market vendor!  Why, that magazine carries EIGHT BULLETS!  That's ILLEGAL!"

But then, the National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party knows that.  They just want any excuse to do away with the 2nd Amendment.


Bakersfield Photography said...

I agree with your point. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the common issue today. Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

And the idiotic douche bags here in the Peoples Republic of Chicago and Crook County think the same way. I cant wait for tomorrow when we find out what sort of neat regulations the cock sucker in chief (CSIC) will announce to his loyal subjects(snort).

Anonymous said...

That's why they picked the number seven for mx rounds in a magazine- because almost every handgun nowadays carries many more than that.