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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So, did you check DANE's post below?

I did.  And I had to set my computer down and go do something else, because I'm friggin tired of it.  Obama won't let the US Flag fly over military operations in Haiti?

Obama the gutless fucking pussy.  Obama the spineless, anti-American bitch.  Obama the ball-less, anti-military cockholster.  Obama the America destroying douchebag.

That worthless fucking piece of shit.  That shallow, lying pile of crap.  Obama the god-damned communist.  Yes, god-damned.  I don't know how anyone like Obama can curry God's favor when they don't even believe in God.  No, Obama does not believe in God, and he screams it with every action he takes.  Yes, Obama is anti-American.  Obama is ashamed of America, and that is why he wants to destroy this country and remake it in his image.

And that worthless fucking anti-American piece of shit is the Commander in Chief.  Really.  I don't think the rest of the country can appreciate just how that makes me feel.  I'd give San Francisco to the damned ChiComs if it would get Obama out of that position.  I'd sacrifice every fucking Obama voter in the country on the fires of hell if it would get Obama out of the White House.

Just once, just FUCKING ONCE, I'd like to see Obama show a little fucking pride in the greatest country in the world, the country that elected him President.  But he can't do that.  He is fundamentally incapable of being proud of America, and that is because he hates America, and is anti-American to the core.

He makes me want to puke.  And the day he is removed from office will be the greatest day of my military career.

And for the rest of the country that put him there?  Fuck you.  Fuck you, fuck the horse you rode in on, fuck the goat that spawned it, and fuck the mountain it grazed on.  Fuck you, fuck your whore of a mother and fuck the father you never knew because he didn't pay for the first time.

Is that clear enough?  Or shall I repeat that?

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