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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Why the BCS sucks

Besides the fact that all the computer scores in the world can't make up for the fact that the coaches poll is completely and totally crap.

Besides the fact that the people who vote in the AP poll can't even be bothered to watch the teams they're voting on (Last year's Utah team, anyone? Undefeated? Whipped Alabama's ass in their non-BCS bowl game? Couldn't get a BCS bid to save their life?)

The big excuse given by the BSC backers to teams like Boise State and Utah is "Well, play the big boys and we'll talk". My response back is "Why don't you go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself?" because the big boys are pissing their pants about playing Boise State.

Boise State is a damn good team. They've been damn good for YEARS. Go here and check out their past schedules. You have to go back to 2005 to find a year with THREE losses, and two of those were to ranked opponents. But they can't get a BCS bid. And now Boise State is actually telling the big boys "Hey, let us play you, we'll come to your stadium, and you don't have to return the favor by coming to Idaho. We just want to play you. C'mon! Let's play!"

And the big boys are in the corner, pissing and whining and moaning. Their one excuse, "Well, let them play OUR schedule!" just took a hit, because Boise State is willing to do just that - they're not hiding. Who's hiding? All the big colleges who only want to play a cream-puff non conference schedule. I'll take USC over Texas or Florida for the BCS championship, because USC goes out and plays the big boys. USC doesn't cower in the corner, whining and pissing all over itself during the non-conference games. You know who USC has played outside it's conference so far? San Jose State, Ohio State (who was ranked #8 at the time) and Notre Dame (who was ranked 25th at the time). Three non-conference games, and two of those were ranked opponents.

What about Florida? Hmmmmm... Troy? Charleston Southern? FIU?

What about Texas? Hmmmmm..... Louisiana-Monroe? Wyoming? UCF?

Boise State wants to play ranked teams. They want to prove themselves. USC does as well. Hell, I'll even take Ohio State over Florida and Texas, because Ohio State manned up and played USC rather than take another cupcake matchup.

Some teams want to play. Some teams want to hide inside their conference. And you know what? The BCS rewards the teams that hide. The BCS rewards the pissy-pants bitches. That's just another example of why the BCS is a horrible idea and should be scrapped.

Gah. I'm off to buy some ammo.

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