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Saturday, November 01, 2008

More proof...

Scratch a Democrat, find a Dictator.

A Federal Communications Commission investigation of on-air military analysts is providing a glimpse of what Democrats and an Obama administration will do to critics once they capture Washington.

The FCC has sent letters to some of the nation's most prominent military analysts -- some of them pro-President Bush and pro-war -- suggesting they may have broken the law when they appeared on television stations to comment on and explain the war on terrorism.

The FCC investigation raises the question of whether a Democrat-controlled Congress and White House next year will investigate -- and perhaps criminalize -- all sorts of actions taken by the Bush administration. Obama is leading in all presidential polls, while Democrats are set to greatly increase their hold on the House and Senate.

This is what happens when you let the Left take power. Any and all dissent will be crushed. The Left will do their best to stamp out and punish anyone who disagrees with them.

I swear, I'm keeping my ammo stocked up.

Found via Cold Fury.

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