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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Couple of mental notes

That came bubbling up while reading Kim du Toit's blog. First - the $50 hamburger.

So all these people who rabbit on about their wonderful, expensive meal must have had a lousy time, if all that was memorable was the cost of the meal.
The Ragin' Mrs. and I don't eat out very often. Why? Because for the most part, we can cook better meals than a restaurant can. Is that ego? Maybe. But so long as the recipe doesn't call for a deep-fat fryer (banned in our house for the sake of our waistlines) I'm willing to bet that the Mrs. and I can outcook damn near anyone.

And second, a few links about polls.

The Cliff Notes explanation is that if I’d ever designed a commercial qualitative research study with so obvious a set of prejudices and misconceptions, I’d have been fired.
Remember, Carter was ahead of Regan at this point. So was Mondale. I think we can remember how that turned out.

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