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Friday, October 24, 2008

Telegraphing their moves.

The only thing that this communist shitweasel is good for is to let us know exactly what the Democrat American Communist Party is planning.

Even though Congress is in recess, Democrats have held several hearings this week to make the case for a $150 billion or more economic stimulus measure to follow the $700 billion bank rescue passed three weeks ago. A round of tax rebates and business tax breaks passed in February was credited with giving the economy a modest boost over the summer, but fears of a protracted recession after the credit crisis have Democrats promising more. …

If Republicans continue to resist, said Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., Democrats are likely to rejoin the issue in January, when they expect party standard bearer Barack Obama to take the oath of office as president.

“There’s no question the House will pass … a much bigger (stimulus plan) than we passed before,” Frank said of a postelection lame duck session. “If enough Republicans in the Senate decide to filibuster it … then we’ll just wait until January.”

God help us if Obama gets elected. This country will go straight down the shitter so fast it'll make the Titanic look like a minor accident.

Oh, and on top of talking about taxing the shit out of America and blowing more taxpayer dollars, ol Barney "I let my gay boyfriend run a prostitute ring out of my government paid apartment" Frank wants to cut the military by 25%.


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