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Monday, May 19, 2008

The mask is coming off

In this political season, we should all be prepared for the rampant anti-military bias that's going to come out from the Left. It's already started with Tom Harkin trying to smear McCain. And it's only going to get worse. People are seeing what's happening:

Just as people like Dick Cavett will never understand. I think he imagines people in the military gleefully rushing off to fight the Hun. No one - least of all the military - likes war. Mr. Cavett has never led men into battle. He has never had to watch a friend's face crumple when she learns her husband is dead. He has never taken a bullet in the chest, or had his pelvis shattered and kept reporting for duty as soon as he possibly could, because that is what you do when your job is important.

Men like Cavett like to pretend doing ones' duty is optional. Who knows? Perhaps in their world, it is? Their somewhat bizarre world view allows them to mock what they will never comprehend. But the complex reality they refuse to acknowledge or respect is that, if everyone thought as they do, America would be defenseless against fanatacists who have sworn never to stop until we are wiped off the face of the earth. Men like Cavett can contend until the end of time that extremists are not a threat. The truth of the matter is, the only thing standing between him and violent extremists are the kind of men he likes to belittle. If he doesn't show up for work, a column doesn't get written. If they don't show up for work, someone may die. Thousands may die. Nations, sometimes.

I guarantee, before the election is over, we'll see all manner of hatred spewed out at our military.

Here's more of what I'm talking about. NASCAR is going to have six cars painted up for a USO "Salute the Troops" benefit on May 24-25. Obviously, a lot of the response has been positive. However, some people just can't handle it:

"Nascar is a crappy excuse for a sport and should be banned for a year to save gasoline."

"That would be the partriotic thing to do. All you nascar "patriots" out there can at least sacrafice a year of no races, right? You can do that small sacrafice for your nation? "

"It's time for all those super-patriotic Red-White-&-Blue nascar fans to write to the organization and demand a year of the races to be called off..."

Contempt for the troops, hatred of NASCAR...... yep. Tell me that ain't standard Leftism right there.

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