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Friday, February 15, 2008

Template changes

Since the guestbook wasn't working, I figured I'd put up something else. I put up a link to the American Conservative Party. But then I realized that the other writers on this blog might not agree with me on it, or at least not to the extent that I do, so I put a link to the ACP down on the sidebar that states that I'm the member. Clarifying the position, as it were. As such, that leaves a spot up on the upper-right hand corner of the blog where I can link to a group, organization, cause, or what have you.

That's valuable space right there. Yep. Mmmm-hm.

So here's what I'm asking from my readers. I want a good, solid conservative cause to link to. I have a few ideas of what I can put up, such as the Fisher House or Soldier's Angels, but I figured that with ten or twelve people commenting and giving suggestions, we can find something to put up that I may not have thought of in the first place. Causes, charities, websites, anything that you think deserves a link. Let me know, and I'll check it out.

I figure that by sometime next week I should have the template changed. So that gives you all a few days to throw suggestions at me. Lemmee have 'em!

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