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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Berzerkely Mayor Tom Bates(D)

I tried to be quiet... even though it involved preferential treatment for the military wing of the (D)emocrat party, Code Pink, who everyone should know maintains a 24x7, 365 day a year "protest" across the street from Walter Reed military hospital to taunt the wounded's families.

Nice Deb has : (Video) Code Stink And The Berkeley City Council
“Hey Code Pink, KISS MY ASS!”
Bryan at Hotair has Video: Code Stink and Berkeley vs the USMC
If you have any doubts about Sen. Jim DeMint’s hippie punching bona fides, wonder no more. His office produced this great video about the Berkeley insurgency against the Marines.
Berkeley mayor apologizes if you were offended by his city’s insult to the Marines
No Democrats in either house object to insulting the Marines as “unwelcome invaders” and a seditious attempt to keep them from recruiting in a US city? Good to know....
I hate “we apologize for any offense” and “we apologize if you were offended” apologies.
If you thought the apology was anything except a pandering lie... Van Helsing has the video: Code Pinkos at the Berkeley Battlefront
Here's Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, participating in the siege...
That's Master-Bates to you and I.
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