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Friday, April 13, 2007

One Last Imus Post (I hope)

So, we all know that Don Imus got fired for calling the Rutgers basketball team "nappy-headed hos". The country went apeshit.

Well, parts of the country went apeshit. Al "Jews are diamond merchents" Sharpton and Jessie "Hymietown" Jackson went apeshit, and their egos are so large they have their own gravitational field. But let's be honest, shall we? Nobody handled this with any kind of class. Imus is an ass. The Rutgers women's basketball team made asses of themselves as well, I'm sorry to say. How, you ask? Because what they SHOULD have done, what would have impressed damn near everybody except for the Race Warlord Poverty Pimps, is come out to their media interview and say "Don who? Never heard of him. Someone told me he had a radio show, but I've never heard it."

"But, but, but, Dave, they're the VICTIMS here!" you might say. And my response is "Bullshit". They are "victims" because they allowed themselves to be victims. If somebody came up to me and called me a "greasy mick-wop hybrid", I'd laugh in their face. Yeah, I'm Irish and Italian, but the only problem I have with that is I don't know what part of Boston to go hang out in. You can call me what you want, and I'll just laugh at you. Why? Because if I choose to get offended by your name calling, I'm giving you power over me. I am allowing you to turn me into a victim.

Well, I say fuck that.

Nobody came out of this episode looking good. The Race Warlord Poverty Pimps did their usual scummy act, the Rutgers B-ball team came out looking like sobbing, simpering babies, Imus came out looking even worse than he did when he first made the comment, and the media came out looking like the the worthless jackals that they are. A pox on all their houses. I never want to hear Don Imus mentioned again. I'd be happy if I never had to see the Race Warlord Poverty Pimps on TV again as well.

A pox on all of them.

UPDATE: Well, I think we can all see what Imus' problem was - he called the wrong people a bad name! I mean, he should have stuck to insulting conservative women, because from what I can see people do it all the time, and nobody seems to be bothered by it one bit.


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