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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

UN still not serious about Darfur

Imagine if a doctor told you, "You've got cancer, and we need to treat it soon before it becomes terminal, but gosh, don't use chemo therapy! Because that might provoke a negative reaction from your body!"

BRUSSELS, Belgium Â? The United Nations humanitarian chief warned Tuesday of a catastrophic situation developing in Darfur unless international donors act soon to bolster a beleaguered African peacekeeping force in the Sudanese province.

"We either get good news in the next few weeks, or we have catastrophic news later," Jan Egeland told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.


However, he warned against deploying a Western military force, as some politicians in the United States have suggested.

"We have to be careful to calibrate the humanitarian and security response so it doesn't provoke a reaction," Egeland said. "I'd like to see the African Union and the U.N. play the lead role there, NATO and other organizations can complement and very usefully complement our efforts."

Because we all know how good the UN is at keeping the peace! All those child prostitutes that the UN "peacekeepers" employ don't raise a stir at all!

A 7,300-member African Union force in place in Darfur has been largely unable to halt violence there despite a May 5 peace deal designed to end fighting that has killed nearly 200,000 people and displaced 2.5 million since 2003.

7,300 member force? JEBUS H. CHRIST ON A POGO STICK! That's a division sized element! And they're telling us that this division sized element can't do anything?


You want to see the genocide come to a halt? It's real simple. You drop 7,300 American troops in Darfur. You point to the refugee camps and say "These people need to stay alive. If someone tries to kill them, rape them, or assault them, you kill the killers, rapists, and other assorted bad guys." And then you sit back and watch as the thugs currently in control of Darfur either die, or stop killing, raping and assaulting people.

After years and years of watching this sort of shit happen, you would think that for once, JUST ONCE, people would finally figure out that the UN, the EU, and all of Africa not only couldn't give two shits about the refugees in Darfur, or simply can't do anything about it.

Hell, the EU couldn't do a damn thing about genocide happening in their own backyard. Who was it that stepped up and stopped muslims from being slaughtered in Kosovo? The USA. Not fwance. Not Germany. Those two countries told America to mind it's own business and leave well enough alone, even as Slobodan Milosivic filled mass graves with the bodies of his victims. Are those the same people who are now dictating what should happen in Darfur?

Remember the Mark Styen post I linked to a while back? "Everyone's for a free Tibet, but no one is for freeing Tibet." The same applies here. The world will sit and watch while thousands of people are slaughtered in Darfur, and the UN will click their tongues and say "You need to do more!". But what they really mean is "You need to give us more money!" and absolutely nothing, I repeat NOTHING will be done to prevent the crisis that is currently going on. If anyone in Africa really gave a shit about the atrocities that are being visited on the refugees, they would have actually DONE SOMETHING ABOUT THEM IN THE PAST FEW YEARS, rather than bitch about how America needs to pony up cash for more trucks and helicopters!

Egeland recently told the U.N. Security Council that the number of displaced people in South Darfur had tripled in the last four months to between 100,000-120,000. He complained local officials have blocked fuel deliveries and the movement of aid workers has been severely restricted.

In addition, areas of eastern Chad that border Darfur have been engulfed in turmoil, Egeland said. Aid groups have been forced to cut back staff and relief work because of insecurity and funding shortfalls.

Darfur is a hellhole. And it's a hellhole because of the people running it. Trying to bring aid to Darfur while the thugs are still in power would be like trying to bring aid to the Afghani people while the Taliban was still in power!

IT AIN'T GONNA WORK, YOU MORONS! Because the people in control of Darfur have NOINTERESTT in letting the refugees survive!

Egeland said his talks at NATO and the EU were also look at the wider use of the military to help in humanitarian situations. He said military units had proven very helpful during the Asian tsunami, last year's earthquake in Kashmir and the latest deadly quake in Indonesia.

He said an international conference would be held later this year bringing together military and humanitarian organizations to look at how to coordinate aid responses.

And I'm sure those international conferences are going to be held in some posh resort, where diplomats can shake their heads and say "What a tragedy" while they sip champagne and eat caviar. In the meantime, people in Darfur will still be murdered, raped, and pillaged.

Because the people involved with all of this right now really don't give a shit. They're not serious about stopping the problem. Name ONE HUMANITARIAN PROBLEM that the UN has solved without American involvement.

It's not going to happen, folks. Darfur will continue being a blood-soaked hellhole until the people who want to "save" Darfur get serious about it. And unfortunately I don't see that happening any time soon.

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