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Friday, November 04, 2005

Democrats Pin Hopes on ANOTHER Investigation

Why another? Because 2 investigations into pre-war intelligence on Iraq's WMD have already concluded with the following:

First the Bi-Partisan Senate Intelligence Committee produced a UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED Pre-War Intelligence Report in June of 2004 which found as one of it's conclusions (number 83) that:

The Committee did not find any evidence that Administration officials attempted to coerce, influence or pressure analysts to change their judgments related to Iraq's weapons of mass destruction capabilities.

Among those offering their approval - DEMOCRATS: John D. Rockefeller IV - Vice Chairman, Carl Levin, Dianne Feinstein, Ron Wyden, Evan Bayh, Barbara A. Mikulski, Jon S. Corzine

Next there was the Robb-Silberman Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction. After a year of study that included the review of thousands of documents and hundreds of interviews with knowledgeable observers from both within and outside the intelligence community, the Commission presented its report to the President on March 31, 2005. The chairmen agreed they had found no evidence that senior administration officials had sought to change the prewar intelligence in Iraq, possibly for political gain.

Co-Chairman and Democrat Charles Robb said investigators examined every allegation "to see if there was any occasion where a member of the administration or anyone else had asked an analyst or anyone else associated with the intelligence community to change a position they were taking or whether they felt there was any undue influence. And we found absolutely no instance."

And in November of 2005, AGAIN, Democrats Hopes of Undermining the Iraq War and a Republican President rest on baseless allegations of lies being told in order to get us into the Iraq war. WHY!? Because THIS IS ALL THEY HAVE LEFT! They have NO AGENDA that they can openly promote and they have lead their supporters so far out into left field with their opposition to the war in Iraq that the simply must find some way to substantiate THEIR LIES, MISREPRESENTATIONS, AND SPIN. Selling their soul to MoveondotNEVER and the Kos Kidz has a price, and the Democrats will be paying it for a long long time to come.

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